Mission and Objectives

We believe the Republican appeal is rooted in the Party’s own rich history and current strengths. As Republicans, we must prove to the American people that our party is a flexible instrument for the governing of this great nation and for the realization of dignity at home and around the world.

The Jeffersonians are a Republican public policy advocacy organization representing all Americans through moderate, progressive policy formation that uphold traditional common sense Republican principles of:

  • Limited but effective government;
  • A free enterprise based economy;
  • A strong, well-maintained, national defense;
  • Social tolerance;
  • Conservation of natural resources.

The Jeffersonians Objectives

The Jeffersonians will develop programs and undertake actions that will achieve:

  • An expanded understanding within the Republican Party of innovative and constructive public policies, ideas and actions that:
    • Strengthen the American family and protect the safety and future of our children;
    • Promote and achieve an innovative and effective educational system;
    • Improve and protect the health and safety of the American people and the natural environment in which we live;
    • Advance participation in and development of a sound, growing economy;
    • Ensure a strong, effective national defense.
  • An effective capability within the Republican Party to engage the American people in a successful discussion about these policies and ideas.
  • A reasoned, effective governance system at the local, state and federal levels that also foster a participatory political system.
  • Increased capabilities within the Republican Party to develop, analyze, promote and implement such innovative and constructive policies.

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