Become a Jeffersonian

Would you like to contribute to help defeat tax-and-spend liberals in Congress and support the Jeffersonians? With your help, we will be holding dozens of rallies across the country and speaking out against the out-of-control spending, higher taxes, bailouts, and growth in the size and power of government!

The Jeffersonians welcome membership by those who share our principles.

By joining, your participation will help ensure that the Republican Party maintains the ideals of our past great leaders.

Join us as we work within the local, state, and federal political circles to promote policies rooted in common sense and based on our principles, including:

  • A free enterprise based economy;
  • A strong, well-maintained, national defense;
  • A more equitable tax system;

We would be proud to have you among us.

Regular Membership ($35)
Regular Membership with Spouse ($50)
Sustaining Membership ($100)
Sustaining Membership with Spouse ($150)
Patron Membership (includes spouse) ($500)
Life Benefactor (lifetime membership and includes spouse) ($1000)

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