Democrats Want Virginians to Vote by Mail

By Hayden Ludwig

Capital Research Center

The Hopewell Fund is just one arm of a $731 million “dark money” network run by

Virginia’s election is less than a month away, and many view it as foreshadowing the 2022 midterm elections. On November 2, Virginians will choose their next governor and which party controls the state house. Gubernatorial candidates Glenn Youngkin (R) and Terry McAuliffe (D) are in a virtual tie in the polls. Early voting is already underway.

Numerous Virginians have likely received partially handwritten letters in their mailboxes from a Vote Forward representative, urging them to register for absentee ballots by October 22—such as my own (redacted) copy:

Hayden Ludwig/Capital Research Center

The mailers are harmless enough, but what about Vote Forward, which claims to be a “nonprofit organization that serves volunteers who want to help fellow Americans vote”?

Make no mistake: It is a product of the professional left meant to fool you into believing it isn’t.

Vote Forward was formed in 2017 to send “please vote” letters to turn out unlikely voters in swing districts. While the group is officially nonpartisan per IRS requirements, its partner Swing Left certainly isn’t.

In 2018, Swing Left provided Vote Forward with data on churning out votes in 78 key districts that Democrats needed to win to seize control of the U.S. House of Representatives. The two groups even share the same Pennsylvania Avenue office space.

An archived version of the Vote Forward’s website from October 2018 reads “Flip the House Blue: Send letters to unlikely voters.” Elsewhere, the group admits that many of its campaigns “typically target low-propensity voters who we believe are likely to vote for Democrats when they do cast a ballot.”

Vote Forward is also reported as a client of a Democratic political consultancy in public disclosure forms filed by Emma Ruiz, a Texas Democrat who now serves as deputy assistant to President Joseph Biden.

Most telling is that Perkins Coie lawyer Ezra Reese is listed among the group’s officers. Reese has been a partner at the left’s favorite law firm since 2013. Last month he joined the Elias Law Group, a Perkins Coie spin-off “focused on electing Democrats, supporting voting rights, and helping progressives make change.”

Capital Research Center

Marc Elias, the group’s chairman, is a top lawyer for Democratic politicians. He was general counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and is responsible for pioneering the super PAC model, a kind of political vehicle that can spend unlimited sums and a target of far-left ire.

Despite this paper trail, Vote Forward doesn’t appear in the IRS nonprofit database. Yet it’s listed as a 501(c)(4) advocacy nonprofit—indicating that it was set up to conduct more extensive lobbying and political activities than a 501(c)(3) public charity—in a Form 990 filing for another leftist giant, the Hopewell Fund, which paid a $604,275 grant to Vote Forward in 2019.

Capital Research Center

The Hopewell Fund is just one arm of a $731 million “dark money” network run by Arabella Advisors, a left-wing consultancy in Washington, …read more

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